Puzzle/Game Software

Here is my Puzzle/Game related software. It is all free to use, read, disassemble/reflect. But if you redistribute it you must not claim you wrote it.

My old sudoku solver. Its not all that special… but it can print out its logic for most puzzles, so you can sometimes learn new things from it.

My LoopDeLoop game. It is a generic implementation of the LoopDeLoop/Slitherlink/Kwontom loops puzzle game. It has a multiplayer mode and support for non-standard grids. As of Beta 40, it now requires .Net 3.5.

My LoopDeLoop Silverlight game. Uses the same engine as above, to power a silverlight browser plugin. Lets you play right in the browser.

My Twist’N’Turn Silverlight game. Also known as Masyu among other names, this game is somewhat like Slitherlink, but there are no numbers involved. Can play right in the browser. The solver/generator engine is nowhere near as good as for LoopDeLoop, but its a start… Masyu is hard to make generic, as the rules basically require each intersection have 4 edges, but I might add the hexagon/triangle/square mesh option which fits the bill, the engine will support it.

My AppleHunt game. This is a game I came up with at random which is kind of fun. The solver in it is unfortunately brute force, so it has a pretty limited range when it comes to generating puzzles.

FFXIII-2 Clock Puzzle Solver. There are a few puzzles in this game, but the ‘clock’ puzzles are by far the hardest.  Sure I could work them out by hand, but it is more fun to get the computer to do it.  Not an optimal implementation, by any stretch of the imagination, but should work fast for clock sizes up to 20, which is more than you’ll ever see in FFXIII-2…

My BBR Silverlight game. Runs in your browser. It should look familiar, however it is quite different. This is alpha edition, so a few internal details can be tweaked if you don’t like the defaults. I recommend using the WASD keys if you are in Firefox, the arrow keys don’t seem to be reliable for some reason. If you get the key focus on a text entry area, you will need to click apply to get it focused on the game area.

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