LOTRO Software

Here is my LOTRO related software. It is all free to use, read, disassemble/reflect. But if you redistribute it you must not claim you wrote it.

My LOTRO chat log text to speech program. It reads text files out loud with specific features targeted for LOTRO.

My LOTRO chat log time stamping program. It creates a timestamped version of a log file, useful for finding timing patterns. Nothing specifically LOTRO about this at all really…

My GUI for the LOTRO dat file defragmention program. It adds support for file  defragmenting as well as internal defragmenting and the ability to see how fragmented the file is, if you wish. Due to changes in file format to handle more than 4GB, MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING VERSION 1.1.  If in doubt, download it again.

My LOTRO Dat file optimization program. Performs internal file reordering to match usage patterns, allowing improved game performance. In some cases performance is noticeably better than using the official LOTRO dat defrag.

My LOTRO Dat file integrity checker program. Calculates hashes for internals of dat files in a way which should be comparable between installs.  Useful for checking whether a installation is corrupt.

My LOTRO DPS parser client/server. Provides a mechanism for real-time sharing of incoming and outgoing damage and healing – with display.

My Application Snapshot taker. Provides a way to take repeated screen shots of an application of your choice. It saves these screen shots to My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\TMD\AppDisplay\Resources\ – hence this application is kind of useless without my Application Snapshot Display Lua Plugin for LOTRO. Note: This plugin triggers a memory leak in the client.

My Timer Lua Plugin for LOTRO. Provides a simple count up or count down timer display in-game. /help timer once loaded lists some useful commands.

NOTE: most of my LUA plugins depend on the Turbine samples, specifically they depended on the original version of the Turbine samples.  The current version has moved Turbine.Utils to just Turbine – so import Turbine.Utils; lines in the code need to be removed.

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