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This page keeps track of links to all the software on this site that I have written which is for public use. It is all free, and as they are almost all written in .Net you can use Reflector to view what each program does internally. Redistribution is acceptable, so long as you do not pass the work off as anyone else’s but mine.

Since this page was getting a bit big, I have broken it up into some sub-pages.


LOTRO Utilities

And the rest is still listed below…

My raytracer. It uses TAL files which were defined in the University of Sydney computer graphics class. Although it supports a few custom extensions so it can do pictures like this.

Treemap maker. This is a little experiment at creating an application like Sequoia View.  But specifically I wanted to be able to do file count based layout as well as file size based layout, so it has a checkbox for that.  Its a rush job that I hacked together so it probably has bugs, and it certainly could be nicer to use then it currently is…

3 thoughts on “My Software”

  1. I was wondering if you had some kind of a read me for the use of the Lotro Dat Optomizer? Seems like a kewl tool but I have no idea how to get it to monitor usage and then do the optomize

  2. FOOP! They did the forum purge before I could get back to that thread and give it a bump – your little program does some amazing things – reduuced load times to relatively nothing on my desktop (its a gaming machine to begin with but … WOW!) — in the process of making a couple of profiles for the laptop to see how much of an improvemnt I get there — wil let you know the results soon!

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