It has been a few years, and I am going to finally fill this in.

This is my personal blog where I discuss random things, but it is mainly about my hobby projects.  Puzzle games, utilities for LOTRO, but it seems most of all – programming competitions.

I am an experienced .Net software developer with 9 years working with .Net and c#.  I have a variety of experience covering developing applications for integrating custom encryption systems to being a primary developer for the core systems of the Altiris enterprise management software to writing high performance UI/middleware systems for working with high frequency trading engines.

Before my attention turned to algorithm competitions I also did well in the Olympiad programs during high school.  I got a top 50 placing in the 2007 Australian Mathematics Olympiad and was a member of the Australian team at the 2008 International Physics Olympiad in Iceland, where I obtained a Bronze Medal.

During my university years I became an administrator and eventually lead developer for a text based MORPG called Dead Of Night – dealing with 100k+ lines of c++ code it was my first experience at dealing with large code bases and the challenges which come with trying to perform significant re-factoring at that scale.  Not to mention the intricacies of balancing what game players think they want and what is actually going to be provide long-term fun.  It was also around this time which I wrote my first ray tracer, which eventually grew into something which can produce pictures like this.

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