Stuff I’ve done in the past

I just realised that this site has no links to all the software I keep on it.

My old sudoku solver. Its not all that special… but it can print out its logic for most puzzles, so you can sometimes learn new things from it.

My raytracer. It uses TAL files which were defined in the University of Sydney computer graphics class. Although it supports a few custom extensions so it can do pictures like this.

My LoopDeLoop game. It is a generic implementation of the LoopDeLoop/Slitherlink/Kwontom loops puzzle game. It has a multiplayer mode and support for non-standard grids.

My AppleHunt game. This is a game I came up with at random which is kind of fun. The solver in it is unfortunately brute force, so it has a pretty limited range when it comes to generating puzzles.

My LOTRO chat log text to speech program. Seems someone had a similar idea with the same name so this will be renamed shortly…

4 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve done in the past”

  1. Your LoopDeLoop programme is not running. Please help me in this matter—Wiiliam Bannerjee, New Delhi, India

  2. Please ensure you have .Net 2.0 installed and that you save the program to disk before executing, do not attempt to run it directly from the web page.

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