Google Code Jam 2014 and Top Coder Open 2014

Just a quick note – GCJ14 registration is now open.  Qualification round start on April 11th (in some time zones at least…) and registration is open until any time before the round ends (round is available for 25 hours).

Google is still employing me so I won’t be able to compete again this year, but the TCO algorithm schedule has finally been announced so I now know my sleepless nights in April won’t only be because of my baby daughter…  Yes, yet again every round is at 2am Sydney time.  Interestingly it seems GCJ and TCO schedules were not quite so neatly organized this time around, there are a couple of occasions where they are scheduled on the same day.  Although one of those is the qualification round for GCJ, so people should be able to schedule around that pretty easily and the other is at least 15 hours between start times.